I was unable to complete this game by the deadline, but work will continue on it. I'm uploading what I have so far so I have something to show.

Left Button: S Key
Right Button: F Key
Up Button: E Key
Down Button: D Key
O Button: N Key
X Button: M Key
Pause: Enter/P

0.1.1 Changed controls to be easier to use
0.1.0 Initial upload


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hello, don't forget there are people who actually use azerty or other type of keyboard... would be better if you use the actual arrows for your game? ps: where can i download that game? it doesn't seem to find anywhere at pico-8 site...

Maybe eventually I'll add the option to customize the controls, it seems different people like many different set-ups. Personally, I hate when games have movement buttons on the right and action buttons on the left. Also, I am very limited by what controls are possible on PICO-8 HTML pages.

As this game is currently unfinished, I haven't posted the p8 file anywhere for download. I plan to share it once it is finished.

fair enough, i guess that we need to figure out what is the best set-up or add the remapping buttons system for your game.

alright! take your time to finish it :)

Too bad that you can't finish the game in time, i love the graphics style, the animation too.

ok, i thought you didn't submit the game before the deadline... Sorry ^^, i rated it today !