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you still developing this?

I haven't worked on it in a long time, but I would still like to revisit it sometime.

you still alive?

Yep, I don't know when I'll have extra time to work on games again, though.

hello, don't forget there are people who actually use azerty or other type of keyboard... would be better if you use the actual arrows for your game? ps: where can i download that game? it doesn't seem to find anywhere at pico-8 site...

Maybe eventually I'll add the option to customize the controls, it seems different people like many different set-ups. Personally, I hate when games have movement buttons on the right and action buttons on the left. Also, I am very limited by what controls are possible on PICO-8 HTML pages.

As this game is currently unfinished, I haven't posted the p8 file anywhere for download. I plan to share it once it is finished.

fair enough, i guess that we need to figure out what is the best set-up or add the remapping buttons system for your game.

alright! take your time to finish it :)

Too bad that you can't finish the game in time, i love the graphics style, the animation too.

ok, i thought you didn't submit the game before the deadline... Sorry ^^, i rated it today !