Unfortunately, this game's controls cannot be customized while played in the browser. Download the cart and play in PICO-8 to customize controls.

O Button: Z Key (Attack)
X Button: X Key (Jump)
D-Pad: Arrow Keys (Movement/Interact)
Pause: Enter/P (Menu)

1.0.2 Fixed bug that caused game crash on restart.
1.0.1 Smoothed out a problem area near the end which required near-frame-perfect jumping.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenrePlatformer, Fighting
Made withPICO-8
Tags16-bit, Fantasy, jumping, PICO-8, Robots, Short, Side Scroller, Singleplayer, Steampunk
Average sessionA few minutes


eibas_1.0.2.p8.png 42 kB
eibas_executables.zip 2 MB


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perfectly imperfect.

great game! I'm going to put this on a raspberry pie

the controls are impossible to get down and they feel inconsistant. There is no consistant build from easy to hard the game just starts with these frustrating controls and obsticals which discouraged me from even playing further than half of this game, I did finish however but in the end i felt i accomplished nothing but stress and irritation. This game is not "challenging", its just flat out so irritating its boring.

PLEASE MAKE REMAKE OR SEQUAL I WOULD LIKE MORE STORIE TO find out who this eibas is and why they had this mission???


more unforgiving then challenging to be honest,  a skilled player can easily kite the enemies in more situations, but what makes it unforgiving is that you have as much health as the default enemy, and im pretty sure you have a bit less reach, maybe buff up the characters health a little, and to compensate, add more types of monsters to kill, though hey, im just a guy on the internet, whats my opinion?

I tried this game a little, and it seems fun! Are there any plans to produce an offline version? From what I understand, an executable can easily be exported using PICO-8, and I would really like to play this game in more detail. Granted, there is a .p8, but there doesn't seem to be an official way to play PICO-8 cartridges offline without the development software, and none of the open-source PICO-8 emulators seem to be completed yet. Thanks for reading!

Sure, I actually hadn't even thought about it before. The executables have now been added to the game's downloads.

I see that this game hasn't had an update in years, it's kinda a shame, because it feels like just a few minor things and some backstory would make this game worth $30. some examples of this are (in my opinion):

1: make the character slide a little less

2 make the gravity less for eibas without doing this to the enemies

3 maybe make a flying enemy that you fight towards the end of the game

4 a boss would be the coolest thing, but that would take a lot of coding.

5 make a dodge where you press down when not interacting with anything to make you move one space away from the nearest enemy. (I think that would improve combat a lot.)

btw are you still active on this platform?

Thanks for showing interest!

Since making this game, I've learned a little more about game physics and what mistakes I made in Eibas that make it feel the way it does. I've long since moved on to new jobs and new projects, but I keep thinking that I'll come back to give Eibas a retune... "someday." I have trouble making ends meet, so I honestly don't know when I'll have the time to do it.

I still check itch.io periodically, and if I start any new serious projects again in the future, I'll likely post them here.

Love the art and level design!


So, I played this game and

This game is perfect despite all of its flaws!

You can't convince me otherwise!


The jumping physics is incredibly frustrating to work with. I kept finding my jumps getting blocked by a narrow ceiling hole, or a ceiling too low, etc. Plus, the fall speed of the character is so fast that it makes certain kinds of maneuvers impossible. i.e. it is impossible to hit something that is literally one bock above you if you only have one block of space above you to jump. This falling speed also makes the jumps incredibly difficult to perform. 

You can mitigate this either by making the jump gaps smaller, the openings onto platforms larger, or you can dial the falling speed back a little bit.

the combat feels nice though. Swings feel powerful between the sound effects, the visuals, and the hit push back, even though you allow sprite pass through. 

I think those pipes are clearly a workspace safety violation, does the enemies really need work that bad, that is so sad. :P Goofiness not aside here is more of a review for you.


I like the graphics but the gravity and enemies hitting without playing animation should be fixed

This game is Challenging, but fun! It is difficult, but fair. It gives out health enough for it to be possible, but for it to still be hard. Also, I like your choice of protagonist. It's hard to come across any decent games with a main character that is furry. Good on you!


The gravity is reaaaaally strong, and you die so fast, considering how difficult it is to time hits to make sure YOU don't get hit, since two and you're dead, and the slippery-ness of the physics makes it easy to slide into steam or other damaging situations.


Really cool game. I feel like this could be expanded into something much greater.

I felt a bit that was off with the jumping. The gravity is very high and the jumping sound gets a little grating.

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Found a bug: http://imgur.com/a/mAqmi

Seems to happen every time you restart from death.

Sorry about that! It seems I broke something with the first patch, it should work fine now.

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The gravity is way too strong. It makes it hard to play. I feel like you could pull a mario here and strengthen the gravity at the top of the jump.

IMO, the x movement is too slow as well.

Otherwise, fun :)

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I saw a tweet asking for feedback, so here you go.

I can feel garbage collection pauses making jumping harder. If it isn't that, then something was eating up my inputs.

I like how switches once thrown stay thrown. It's very Dark Souls feeling and it gave me an immediate reason to go back and unlock the top path once I realized that it happened.

I had a little trouble with enemies but I figured out that running a bit back after a hit and then going for a forward attack was most effective. An odd tactic, but I can't just stay still because the enemy's attack is longer than mine by a pixel?

The physics felt like I was on ice the entire time. Not hard to deal with once I got used to it, but definitely didn't feel like I was actually able to walk. Most annoying towards the end when I had to jump out of a one block wide gap and kept hitting the ceiling.

Overall the challenges presented felt fun, if basic.

The chests felt unnecessary. They always have health drops, so why not just leave health drops there?

Edit: Wait, is this part of @eevee's game jam? If so, this is actually amazing for one week of work.

Thanks for the feedback. I had meant to enter it in their jam, but I wasn't able to finish it in time. This actually took closer to two months to make.


I love the art, I love the wires, I love that there's AI at all. I can't believe you fit all of this in, just, generally. You made really effective use of a small handful of tiles, too. And even tiny dust clouds! So many nice touches.


  • Not that it matters, but you got the button labels backwards in the description; X is X, Z is O.
  • Gravity is REALLY strong, which makes jumping a little frustrating, even early on. It completely ruins that puzzle near the end with the four switches, too, because you jump so quickly that you have a really short window before hitting your head on the ceiling. I spent so much time here arrrgghh.
  • The combat does feel more difficult than it should be, and for artificial reasons, which are the least fun — they can run back to me slightly faster than their iframes run out, and I think they might have slightly longer reach than I do? A couple times I've swung, missed, and then been hit even though neither of us moved. It was okay once I got used to the timing, but I guess it's just not where I expected the difficulty to be.
  • I'm not sure the second shortcut is actually useful? At least, I can't find an easy way to get back to it.
  • It might be helpful to have different sounds for the player being hit vs an enemy being hit.
  • In spots where a wire goes down through the floor, standing above it looks weird, since the wire is behind you but in front of the thing you're standing on. Maybe wires should draw in the foreground, like the girders do?
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I actually expected to have difficulty there, and other than a few jumps not registering (but not knocking me down to the bottom either), I actually got it pretty easily.

Edit: Actually, from a tweet of the section talked about, I was thinking of a different (even more narrow section) than the section shown. I had absolutely no issue with that section personally. *shrug*

serious mismatch between input-timing and pacing of A.I., unplayable.

The commonly adopted strategy is to hit an enemy, avoid them until their invincibility wears off, then hit them again. I could shorten the time of invincibility, but I worry that it would make the game too simple and easy.

While that is a reasonable strategy, I've had a few cases where the enemy didn't register a hit OUTSIDE the invincibility-period.